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How To Knit A Sweater

How To Knit A Sweater

Before you knit a sweater, there are a few knitting skills you should have under your belt. You should be comfortable with casting on and binding off, as well as forming the knit stitch. Purling comes in handy, too, if you’re knitting your sweater flat or if it has ribbing or a textured stitch pattern.

Before you dive in and start stitching your sweater, make sure you’re familiar with these basic skills: Cast on. Bind off. Knit and purl. Increasing (like M1R, M1L, KFB and yarn over) and/or decreasing (such as slip slip knit and k2tog) Knitting in the round and/or seaming. Reading a pattern.

Creating the Front and Back Pieces of the Sweater. Cast on the required number of stitches for your size. Use your size 8 needles to work the next six rows in garter stitch. Switch to your size 10 needles and work in the stockinette stitch. Bind off first four stiches of the next two rows.

Ever wanted to learn how to knit, but didn’t know where to start? We’ll take you from a total beginner to a finished sweater, just in time to wear

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Learn how to knit your first sweater using these tips and easy patterns, essential skills, and easy sweaters for beginners.

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